Student Grade not showing (Fix)

If you are having issues showing students your current grades the information below will help fix your issue.


1) In the navbar of your course, click on Grades

2) Click on the drop-down button next to the Final Calculated Grade column heading, then choose Enter Grades:

3) In the next screen, click the drop-down button next to Final Grades, then click Release All

4) Press Yes at the confirmation.


Students will now be able to see their grade for the course. You only need to do this once; they will be able to see it continually as you add new assignments and input new grades. You will know that you are successful when you go back to the Enter Grades screen an see an eyeball icon next to each grade:


If you release the final grade column well before the end of the semester, it’s a good idea to edit the Final Calculated Grade item and change its name to something like Your Current Grade


IMPORTANT REMINDER – Zeroing Out Incomplete Assignments

By default, D2L drops ungraded items when computing the Final Calculated Grade. This is useful in telling how a student is doing in your course at the moment. However, if you use Quizzes or Dropbox assignments in your course, D2L will not automatically mark those students with a zero score if the due date has passed and the student has not taken the quiz or submitted to the Dropbox. They will remain ungraded and therefore dropped by the gradebook. A way to tell is by looking down the column of quiz scores and looking for dashes:



Another sign is if the Final Calculated Grades have differing denominators (unless you are specifically exempting certain students from assignments). If you are getting ready to submit midterm or final grades, be sure that all students have final grades out of the same denominator:


The easiest way to fix this is to click Switch to Spreadsheet View at the top of the grades screen. This will open up all cells, and allow you to type zero in any spots where a student has missed a past-due assignment.


It is a good idea to make a habit of zeroing out unsubmitted, past-due assignments every week or two. This will keep your grade sheet current and get the attention of students who may be falling behind.

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