Adding a New River Email Account on an Android Device

All devices are slightly different but this guide will give you the general flow and the information you need to complete adding your email account. This guide details setting up your New River email account using both the built in "Email" and "Outlook" applications.

Built in Email

1. Open the devices e-mail program

2. Select Exchange


3. Enter your New River e-mail address and click "Manual setup"



4. Enter the "Domain\username" (Note: use "newriver" as domain and your own New River username) then add "" as the "Exchange server"


5. If you get a security settings prompt, click "Apply"


6. Select what you would like to sync between your phone and e-mail, such as phone contacts, calendars or tasks) you can select all of those or none, this is up to your preference. 


7. If you get a Device prompt, accept/ activate - these are device specific, this example is on a Samsung.


8. Name the account, this is only to distinguish it from other e-mail accounts you may have, you can name this whatever you would like, default is the e-mail address. After naming, click "Done"


Your e-mail should be set up and ready to use, it may take a few minutes to synchronize your inboxes.


Outlook App

1. Open the Outlook app

2. Click on "Get Started"


3. Enter your New River e-mail address and click "Continue"



4. Add the Server as "" and Domain\username... you can use "newriver\username" where username is enter your own username. Then enter your password and a description, the description is just an identifier for you, you can use whatever you would like.


5. The next screen will ask you if you want to add another account, if you do then you can do that here, if not you can "skip"


6. You will most likely have a few screens that will just show you around the app, you should be able to skip these.


Your email should be set up and working now, it may take a few minutes to synchronize your inboxes.