How to Restore Emails with Datacove

This briefly explains the steps to restore emails from the Tangent Datacove System.

  1. First go to and login using your existing credentials that you would normally use to logon to a computer.
  2. Select the Email Date Sent field and select the date you wish to search or you can leave it set to relative and in the next field you can select past week, past month, past three months , etc..
  3. In the Email From field select type the full email address of the person whom sent you the email if you are looking for a specific email. Such as If you are searching for all emails sent to you then leave the Email From field blank and enter your email address in the Email To field.
  4. You normally don’t have to but in the event that you are having an issue locating an email you can enter a keyword that the email may contain in the Email text field.
  5. Click Search and a new window will appear with the results
  6. Search for the email you want to restore and select it by placing a check mark in the tick box beside it.
  7. Once you have selected the emails select forward at the top of the page and enter your email address in the dialog box that appears. This will place the emails you have selected back into your inbox. Note, if you have many emails selected your best option to select is Export.
  8. If you have many emails to restore select Export. A dialog box will appear. Just type a name for the zip file such as your logon name and click OK. Example: ajones
  9. In the left window pane select Download exported results. Click the download icon and save the file to your desktop.
  10. Now open Microsoft Outlook and create a folder in your inbox that says Temp. You can now drag one or all of these messages to the temp folder to sort thru them.
  11. Once you have downloaded the file please make sure you return to the Exported Files page and click the red "X" to delete.

Note: in the search results you can also click on any email to view it and print it.