Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and the New River Portal

On July 5, 2023 we increased security for the New River portal by making MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) a requirement instead of an option. 

Implementing MFA is an industry “best practice” and is thought to eliminate 100% of most forms of automated attacks and nearly 90% of other attacks that may be caused by a compromised password and social engineering. 

You have three options for your second authentication factor that include (1) cell phone, (2) personal email, and (3) mobile authenticator. You can configure these options by logging into the portal and clicking on your username drop-down link and choosing Edit Profile (see Edit Profile screenshot).

On that Edit Profile screen you can also register your cell phone and personal email address (if you haven’t already) so you can choose those options for your 2nd authentication factor. To use the mobile authenticator, we recommend downloading the Google Authenticator app as your mobile authenticator, which is freely available in the Android and iOS app stores (see attached screenshot). 

Once you’ve registered your cell phone, personal email address, and/or downloaded a mobile authenticator app and registered it, you can then choose among those three options to customize your MFA 2nd factor options for (1) website logins, (2) password changes, (3) account unlocks, and (4) password resets (see MFA delivery options screenshot).

The options available to you for receiving your 2nd factor OTP (one-time passcode), they are:

  1. Phone—you receive an SMS text message to your cell phone with a numeric code.
  2. Email—you receive an email message in your personal email account with a numeric code.
  3. Mobile Authenticator—you use the Google Authenticator app on your mobile device to receive a code.
  4. BIO-key MobileAuth App—you receive a request on your mobile device that requires you to hold your palm in front of your camera to prove your identity.

The BIO-key app uses biometrics (your palm) while the other options involve a numeric code you enter into the portal login page. If you haven’t yet registered your cell phone and personal email address on the portal, please do so and then you can choose those options.



MobileAuth App for MFA by BIO-key


MFA Overview by BIO-key

Please contact our Help Desk if you have any questions or need assistance.