VPN Instructions

Sophos VPN Instructions

NOTE: You cannot access the VPN website or software while on campus, you must do this when you are away from campus.

Account Setup MFA via the User Portal – ONLY DONE THE FIRST TIME YOU USE THE VPN

1.    Go to: https://vpn.newriver.edu:4443
2.    Use your New River username and password.
3.    The site will force you to scan the QR code with your authentication application on your phone. (Google authenticator is freely available from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. There are additional free options, such as DUO mobile, LastPass, Authy, etc.)
4.    After scanning the QR code you should see a “Sophos” with a code within your authenticator app.
5.    You can close the browser window and you are configured.

Connecting to VPN:

1.    If it is already running, click the Sophos Connect VPN icon located in the taskbar.
a.    If it is not running, open your start menu -> all applications -> Sophos Connect
b.    If it is not installed on your computer, please contact IT.
2.    Click ‘NRCTC’
3.    Enter login/password and MFA token.
a.    Note: MFA token has a separate field, you do not need to append it to the password.
4.    Click the Save Username and Password so that in the future you will only need to enter the MFA token from the app and not have to re-type your user/password.

To disconnect from the VPN, open the Sophos client from your system tray (beside the clock) and click disconnect.

NOTE: You must be added to the VPN user group to access the VPN, if you are not in that group you will receive an error when logging in. Contact IT if you need to be added to this group.

(updated May 1, 2024)