How To Use the Directory on a Campus Phone

There are a couple of ways to find someone's phone number. 

From a campus phone:

  1. Press the directories button (looks like a phone book).
  2. Select "Corporate Directory" and press the "Select" softkey.
  3. This brings up a "Search Directory" page where you can search using first and last name. (Tip: You don't have to enter full names, you can enter only first name initial and last name initial) 
  4. Press the "Search" softkey and the name of person you are searching for will appear (if you just entered initials you may see a list of names which you can scroll through to find the person  you are looking for).
  5. Select the name of the person and then press the "Dial" softkey.

 You can also use the People Search tool on the website, an article on how to use that can be found HERE.