First Time Signing into the Portal

Step by Step Instructions:

The first time signing into the portal you will be faced with several steps needed to set up your account. This article takes you through that journey.

First you will need to enter your username and initial password.

(You can find your username HERE )

If this is your first time signing in your password will be setup as follows:

An uppercase "N"  then your 9 digit New River ID# followed by a lowercase "r" and a  "$"

(Example: N123456789r$). 

This will need to be changed Later.

Use the following steps to finish your first time account setup:

Go to the portal sign in page located (HERE).


After entering your information and clicking Login you will be presented with the following screen:

If it is not pre-populated, re-enter your credentials  and select your Multi Factor method you prefer then click "Continue". 

For Phone: Enter your phone number in the Phone Number box and click continue.

For Email: Enter your email address in the Email Address box and click continue.

    Note: You can't use your email address and you must use a personal email address for this  option.

 For Mobile Authenticator: Select your phone type from the drop down box and click continue. Follow the directions to set it up on your device.  

For Bio Key: Install the BIO Key Mobile Auth App from your app store and then click start enrollment. Follow the directions to set it up. 

After you finish setting up your method you will see the screen above. Ensure that your username is correct and click continue.